(Deutsch) Inter­na­tio­na­le Live­mu­sik: Aeham Ahmad

Our Top-Act” on Sep­tem­ber 1st. :
Aeham Ahmad, world-famous syri­an pia­no player.

Pia­nist of Yar­mouk films his jour­ney from Syria to Europe:

Amid the ruins of the des­troy­ed Yar­mouk Pal­es­ti­ni­an refu­gee camp on the out­skirts of the Syri­an capi­tal, Damas­cus, pia­nist Ayham al-Ahmad pro­vi­ded a rare glim­mer of hope amid the devas­ta­ti­on. Vide­os of him defi­ant­ly play­ing pia­no in the rui­ned streets of Yar­mouk, accom­pa­nied by child­ren and other resi­dents of the camp, were wide­ly shared online as a sym­bol of the camp’s spi­rit of resis­tance. But now, Ayham al-Ahmad has had to join the mil­li­ons who have fled Syria. He spo­ke to the BBC’s Ian Pan­nell along each part of his rou­te, explai­ning what even­tual­ly forced him to lea­ve – and his peri­lous jour­ney to Europe.

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