(Eng­lish) A Song to remind us of why we reach out to help

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And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave Hims­elf up for us, a fra­grant offe­ring and sacri­fice to God.”- Ephe­si­ans 5:2

Josh Gar­rels – Hiding Place

Josh Gar­rels is a popu­lar singer/​songwriter based in Port­land, Ore­gon.

He wri­tes, “ This past week I worked hard to wri­te, record, and pro­du­ce the song Hiding Place,” crea­ted espe­cial­ly for the One Mil­li­on Thumbprints cam­pai­gn. When my child­ren asked why I was wri­ting the song and why I was going to give it away, I told them about the despe­ra­te plight of women and child­ren fle­eing for their lives in war torn are­as of the world. I also told them about the impor­t­ance of living generous­ly so as to help others in their time of need. My daugh­ter Heron pro­cee­ded open her own pig­gy bank and draft a let­ter to One Mil­li­on Thumbprints. Would you con­si­der giving generous­ly for the sake of tho­se in need as well?” „(Eng­lish) A Song to remind us of why we reach out to help“ wei­ter­le­sen